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 Jeremy Bursich is a prolific singer/songwriter hailing from Dover, DE.  His musical endeavors range from electronic, to acoustic, to lo-fi melancholy tunes of mixed musical media.  His first self-produced album, The Dark Years - the first in a series of autobiographical concept albums, was released in early 2012 to his friends and fans in the Dover community.  His influences are many and varied, such as Elliott Smith, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Gil Scott-Heron, Tom Waits, NIN, Modest Mouse, Portishead, The National, Fences, Margot & The Nuclear So & So's, and Vxhll. Jeremy works toward exploring the life of the modern antihero, underdogs and revolutionaries through time, and to find what makes us tick as individuals and as a cultural machine.

"There are few things in this world of greater consequence than the experience of becoming vulnerable. Human beings willing to lay out, exposed, in all their wretched glory are an anomaly. In his upcoming album, The Art of Letting Go, singer-songwriter Jeremy Bursich explores the complexity and nuances of just such vulnerability. Reflecting on past experiences with addiction, abuse, and loss, he delivers a carefully constructed storyline through his genre bending acoustic stylings and masterful lyricism. This Dover, Delaware native has developed a devoted fan base within his local music community for which he has provided monthly open mics of growing popularity; and wherein his first installment, The Dark Years, of his series of autobiographical concept albums was well received. Bursich is set to release his sophomore album on May 1, 2013." - "The Art Of Letting Go" press release

"I write mainly acoustic music. It's not your typical radio-friendly acoustic singer song writer stuff. It's always a little darker, a little more twisted, a little too real for the radio. I don't write when I'm happy and excited about life, I write when I am feeling fucked up about.... whatever. I feel like so many other people can relate to it on so many different levels because everyone knows what it's like to be sad, not everyone knows what it feels like to be happy."

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